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What Are The Alternatives To Google
Google is currently the top search engine for the majority of Internet searches. Its market share is higher than 80% in a number of countries. But who are its major opponents? What are your options when searching for information online? We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of two distinct search engines. Google this for an example.

Microsoft's Bing Search Engine
Microsoft's Bing search engine is the most popular alternative to Google. The two search engines appear like from a perspective of visual. Every result from a search engine provides details about the outcome including the title and description of the result and a hyperlink to it. Certain searches also include information in a panel, with facts and other information within the right navigation pane. Bing also has vertical search engines that assist you in finding specific types of content like videos, images, news and more. They can appear within the main search engine results and on distinct pages. Google has been criticized for showing YouTube videos prominently when performing video search results. However, this hasn't been an issue with Bing. Bing is, just like Google does, too, analyzes user behaviour by persistently keeping track of search queries and the results they click. This lets Bing to serve targeted advertisements within its search result pages. Bing can also offer personalised ads within its Windows operating system.

Duckduckgo Search Engine
DuckDuckGo is a substitute for Google. It handles your search for the user when you search. DuckDuckGo takes Bing's search results and displays them in your browser. You won't come in directly with Bing when you use this search engine. Bing does not have access to any of your personal information like your IP address or geographical location. DuckDuckDuckGo also includes ads in its search results. Personalized advertising is not available by DuckDuckGo since the US search engine does not have personal data about its users. If you search for "holidays" will only return advertisements that match the search you made. Because it has made the decision not to use any other information on you, it will not be permitted to use that information. We believe that Bing and Google look quite similar. The decision of whether you prefer one over the other is down to your personal tastes. DuckDuckGo is our top choice since it allows us to remain anonymous.


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