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Do you wonder how many people

I believe we have a huge impact on the environment and society especially the children who engage in nature based learning activities with us. Children learn about the importance of earthworms in compost. Another important thing is to build relationships with public schools and get involved in raising awareness about composting and how to deal with the waste we generate. This has a big impact on sustainability in public schools.

It's a topic that's rarely talked about, but we're here to change that reality. Kids are learning how to compost and know how to do it. When I finish talking about what we're doing, we're going to I will think about this topic after the positive Iraq Telegram Number Data impact and changes it brings. live near vacant lots and are able to live there if I said this is all going to end no matter what time it is but yes that would be different that has started to change.

We know we're going to get there when many parts of this effect emerge and we can change what we see as a society. It's up to all of us as a group to think it's best to be a part of this change. Composting time goes hand in hand. Oh, we've avoided over a ton of organic waste being sent to landfill, a ton of CO2 has been avoided being emitted into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the amount of tons of emissions from popular cars in a year. Are you composting? Is it changing your life in any way? If not, if so, will it? What changes does your faith bring? Share with us. Together we can divert more organic waste to landfills. Close organic waste.

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