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By determining the market direction and its fixed patterns

Traders make buying and selling decisions like other strategies. HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST FOREX TRADING STRATEGY Because the Forex market is so large, so many options, and so confusing, there is almost no consistent strategy that you can give everyone. In addition to the differences in the data of this market, traders also differ a lot, whether in the currency pair used, its stability, the time of trading, or even the period during which the process continues.

Of course, you should try more than one strategy before settling on one, as you will not know Phone Number Data which one is most effective for you until you see their results. But there are still some data through which you can know the best Forex trading strategy for you, and the most prominent of these data are: 1. Currency pair: Currency pairs vary greatly in their stability and in the amount of risk you will take while trading. The farther away you are from the major pairs that the dollar enters, the more vulnerable you are to loss. Identifying the pair from the beginning will greatly help you narrow down the range of strategies you will use, and will also give you an idea of ​​the trading times you will work in. 2. The size of the risks: You must take the size of the risks into consideration while choosing one of the appropriate Forex trading strategies.

As some of them guarantee you high profits, but on the other hand, they can lead to huge losses. 3. Time frame: There are many methods used in trading, some of which last for a very short period of time and do not exceed one hour, and some of which last for much longer periods of time. Depending on your purpose of trading and the time you allocate to that process, you must determine the appropriate time frame. 4. Number of trading times: This point is closely related to the previous point. The greater the number of trading operations, the shorter the time for each operation and vice versa. The number of trading operations that you will do daily certainly affects the type of strategy that you will choose. 5. Transaction size: The size of the trading transaction is also of utmost importance in determining the strategy.

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